New Homes

Ridgeline is able to assist you with your new home project from initial concept through planning and design, and onto the full construction and commissioning of your new home. We can undertake and are well versed in all aspects of this process including subdivision (if required), demolition of existing structures, coordination of the architectural design and engineering and compilation of the development application and building permit submissions. We have a history of working with both our own and outside architects and architectural draftsmen to help refine your design concepts and to ensure that these stay within your budget. Too often we see instances where designs have been allowed to escalate without any apparent regard to budget, which then becomes a significant hurdle later in the construction process when building quotes are being obtained. We believe that it is far more expedient for the builder to work closely with the owner and designer from an early stage to ensure that these cost overruns are identified and repackaged before applications to the statutory authorities are made.